12 February 2013

"I don't believe in it really... love. Do you?"

On Valentine's Day, the Dublin-based short film On Our Way will be streaming on the film's homepage. The film was written and directed by Fergal Rock, whose previous short Henry and Sunny saw him nominated for Best Director at the Feelgood Film Festival in 2010 and whose screenplay Calvin & Skye was a winner of the BlueCat International Fellini Screenwriting Awards. He also directed a very young Jack Gleeson in his short film Tom Waits Made Me Cry so he's partly to blame for the immensely slappable Joffrey in the brilliant Game of Thrones...

Henry and Sunny's cinematographer Orla Russell-Conway (winner of Best Cinematographer at the Underground Film Awards 2010 for her work on that film) and its star Dorothy Cotter (nominated for Best Actress at the Feelgood Film Festival for her role as a soap opera actress who falls for a romantic clown) reunite with Rock for On Our Way, with Matthew Keenan and producer Noni Stapleton rounding out the cast. The trailer can be seen here. The film also features original music, including a song by Billy Fitzgerald, former frontman of the excellent The Dead Flags (RIP).

The film is described as "a hopeful tale of missed connections and second chances". I'm pretty much a sucker for this kind of romance. I'm heading to a screening of the film in The Sugar Club on Sunday and will review it then.

Full disclosure: Dorothy Cotter's my cousin, Fergal Rock, Orla Russell-Conway and Noni Stapleton are friends of mine and Billy Fitzgerald is my brother. I've never met Matthew Keenan but he's cute, right?

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